Berta Benally- Songwriter & Musician

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Berta Benally is no stranger to the music industry. From New York's Greenwich Village and basket houses in the late 50's and early 60,s  to the west coast and birth of the Hollywood music scene, Berta has lived and created the scenes that created Rock and Roll.  

Berta began playing the guitar at age 13 in the basket houses and parks of New York City. Berta grew up in the midst of the musical revolution on New York City's Greenwich Village during the early 1960's. At 19 years old, Berta moved to California and worked at the Ash Grove and supported her friends at the Troubador. A lover of music, Berta has been and remains an advocate for creativity and music with meaning. She is a songwriter who invokes issues of politics, environmentalism, and unrequited love into her clever lyrical phrasing